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Proudly Serving the Buffalo, NY Area for Over 30 Years!

Food Service

Pellicano's specializes in custom packing and co-packing for restaurant chains and high volume individual locations, your recipe or our recipe, private label, research and development, retail packaging or repacking.

Private Label

With Pellicano Specialty Foods, Inc. as your co-packing partner, you can get it done with minimal investment and effort. Let us do the work bringing your products to market, it's what we do while you run your business.


Our tradition of making sauce began decades ago in our home kitchen. We started selling it to the locals in the area and it quickly grew from there. To keep up with demand we moved to a larger kitchen and then our own manufacturing facility in Buffalo, NY. Further inspired by visiting Italy, we are proud to now offer a whole line of delicious and authentic pasta and pizza sauce varieties. Enjoy!


We can help you bring your brand to life

We've helped countless restaurants, store fronts and business co-pack in house lines of pasta sauce, chicken wing sauce and so much more.


Pasta, Pizza, BBQ, Chicken Wing, Hot


We bring the same great flavor and service to our line of dressings.


Premium ingredients make up our vast selection of rubs for meat, veggies and more.